Free shipping on all NZ orders over $40(except tobacco), $25 flat rate for AUS orders over $100 NOTE: PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED FOR ALL NICOTINE BASED E-LIQUID for more info visit T&C

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Shipping & Delivery Policy

 Fees and ETA Shipping Time: Discount Vapor & Dairy will use the information of the third-party courier company to calculate the freight.

New Zealand 

Courier Post Price: From 5.00 NZD OR FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $40!

Courier Post ETA shipping time: 

Non-Rural area 1-2 working days

Rural area are 1-4 days.

Overnight shipping is targeted but not guaranteed.


DHL Price: from 20.00 NZD OR A FLAT RATE OF $15 FOR ORDERS OVER $100! 

DHL ETA Shipping Time: 1-5 working days

Rest of the world

DHL Price: From $45.00 NZD

DHL ETA Shipping Time: 2-10 working days

New Zealand Shipping Tracking Number 

All parcels dispatched by Discount Vapor & Dairy will contain a tracking number. The tracking number is required to locate and make changes to your parcel during delivery. It is your responsibility to not share your tracking number with others. Discount Vapor & Dairy will not be liable for any unauthorized changes made on your parcel with your tracking number.

Shipping Dispatch

1. All orders placed before 2 PM NZST on weekdays will be processed and dispatched the same day.

2. All orders places after 2 PM NZST on weekends will be processed and dispatched on the next business day.

3. All orders placed on New Zealand public holidays will be processed on next business day.

4. Please note that some orders may not be dispatched the same day due to stock or Courier Post services and may take up to 3 days to dispatch. 

5. Discount Vapor & Dairy bears no liability for delay caused by shipping company.

Authority to Leave (ATL)

Discount Vapor & Dairy is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen parcels if your parcel has been successfully delivered with Authority to Leave (ATL) by Courier Post. If your parcel is under ATL with Courier Post, it is your responsibility to make sure that the parcel is delivered successfully. For more information, please visit the Courier Post website.


Once the parcel is dispatched from our warehouse, we are no longer accountable for redirection. The buyer needs to get in touch with the respective shipping company along with the shipment details and organize the redirection by themselves. Discount Vapor & Dairy will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen or damages if the parcel is redirected.

Lost or Stolen Parcels

Discount Vapor & Dairy is not responsible for any lost or stolen parcels upon delivery. If your parcel has been lost or stolen, please contact Courier Post to open an investigation. Failure to do so may result in no compensation from Courier Post.

Parcel not received

1. If your parcel has been marked as delivered but you have not received it:

2. Contact us within 48 hours from the time it has been marked as delivered.

3. Please check around your property to ensure that it may not be left out of sight.

4. Please allow up to 10 working days from the time that you have contacted as an investigation will be opened with Courier Post.

5. As the delivery is made by Courier Post, we cannot ship a replacement parcel until Courier Post has completed their investigation. Our team will keep you updated once the investigation has been completed.

6. Failure to notify us within the required timeframe will result in Courier Post not being able to accept a claim/investigation. No refunds, replacements, or credits will be provided by us should this occur.

7. If you wish to dispute any outcome by Courier Post Investigation, please contact them directly. 

Invalid shipping address

At some events, Discount Vapor & Dairy may halt your shipment and ask the buyer additional information in order to book a delivery, if the delivery address is not correct and should there be any shipping related issue, we will contact you via phone or email to rectify the issue. Hi Vape bears no liability for delay caused by invalid shipping address.

Additional Fees

At the unlikely event, Discount Vapor & Dairy may require you to pay shipping fees should you have provided us an address that does not accurately charge you the correct shipping fee. Should this occur, we may place your order on hold and will contact you (via phone/email) to let you know. 

Australia and Rest of the world shipping 

1. Due to different laws and regulations in different countries, we do not guarantee that your parcel will arrive at you. As such, we will not take any responsibilities should your parcel be seized by customs or other parties involved in shipping your parcel. No refund will be provided should this occur.

2. We reserve the right to place your order on hold or cancel your order should we suspect that the product may not be able to be shipped to you. If such a case arises, you will be notified via email. 

3. If your parcel has been returned back to us if it could not be delivered, we will contact you via email to advise you. Should we deem that your parcel could not be delivered in this case, we will cancel your order and process a refund. We will not refund the cost of shipping and will deduct any extra cost of the parcel being returned back to us from your purchase price.

4. Parcel(s) being returned must be received by us prior to a refund/replacement being issued.

Prescriptions for Nicotine in Australia

Obtain a nicotine prescription.Apply for a prescription online at Quit Clinics Doctors or from a prescribing Australian Doctor.
*Quit Clinics 12-month prescriptions are normally processed in 24 hours.Purchase nicotine vape pods and/or e-liquid.Shop your favourite nicotine vape pods and e-liquid as usual. Note: you don't need a prescription to purchase devices or products containing no nicotine. 

Reply the prescription on the confirmation email of your order after you place your order. 

We’ll ship your order! Sit back and relax. We'll send you a shipping confirmation when your order is on the way via DHL express.

*If you do not provide us with a prescription within 7 days of placing your order it will be cancelled.

From 29 September 2021 all Australian customers must provide us with a prescription from an Australian registered doctor to import nicotine products. This new law comes into force in Australia on 1 October 2021. For more information about importing nicotine vaping products into Australia, 

visit the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website here.

If you don’t have a prescription, you can obtain one from and send it to us at 

Returns & Exchanges

Discount Vapor & Dairy will fulfil its obligations in relation to faulty goods under the Consumer Guarantees Act but please be advised that we do not accept returns on in-store purchases in "change-of-mind" situations.Smoking products, e-cigarettes or vaping devices must remain unused. E-liquids must remain sealed.

Any item purchased on SALE is non-refundable.If you encounter any product problems, please CALL or SEND email to us first, we will provide suggestions for corrective measures to correct such problems.

1. Returning Online:

We will use the information of the third-party courier company to calculate the freight.We may refuse to exchange or refund an item where the item has been used, worn or damaged and is no longer in an acceptable sell-able condition.we will handle the rest as quickly as we can; whether you want a replacement, a new product or store credit. 

2. Returning in-store:

Please be aware that we currently do not accept returns of online purchases in our stores.Warranties only cover manufacturing faults and do not cover any physical damage that has occurred after leaving the shop.Please, therefore, check all purchases before leaving the shop.

Sale Product

For returns on promotional items, all items included in the promotion need to be returned. When a promotional item included in the original transaction is not returned, the value of the promotional item will be deducted from the refund amount.


1. Glass Items

There is no warranty for glass items (such as shisha glass vases and bowls or parts) broken, chipped or scratched after leaving the store.When you are still pushes in store, please check the items carefully with staff before leaving the store.

2. Vaporizers

The Vaporizers must be cleaned after each use, otherwise it may be blocked. No guarantee is provided for tobacco dyeing, as this is an inevitable result of product use.The Vaporizers is only used for vaping purpose. Different Vaporizers will produce different amounts of smoke and taste, so please choose carefully before buying, because the warranty does not cover changing ideas or improving smoke or taste.

3. E-cigarette Device

Ensure that all electronic cigarette devices have no manufacturing defects within 3 months. If you encounter any product problems, please call us first, we will provide suggestions for corrective measures to correct such problems.The Discount Vapor & Dairy does not guarantee damage caused by misuse, incorrect installation or incorrect storage. We assume no responsibility for any accidental or indirect losses. Except for faulty batteries, e-cigarette accessories cannot be replaced or refunded.Different type of vapes have different warranty periods. All products from the date of purchase are not eligible for warranty.· 

 Closed pods system is within 30 days of purchase· 

 Vape pen is within 90 days of purchase

Please confirm the warranty period with the staff

4. Batteries, Chargers & Scales

Like Batteries, Chargers and Scales are not all created equal. Accordingly, their prices and warranty periods differ. In any event, none are for more than one month.please check the warranty period at the time of purchase.


Different electronic gadgets use different types of batteries also with different price· Different types of batteries have different life-spans and recharging cycles. None of them last a human “life-time”.

Scales· All scales does not include calibration weights

scales cannot be exchanged after use due to a change of mind or the like, so please choose carefully;