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OverdoZz shisha flavours

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Free shipping on all NZ orders over $40.00(except tobacco)
$25 flat rate for AUS orders over $100

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OverdozZ 50g 24 karatine shisha flavours:

Satiate your taste buds with Overdozz 24 Karatine Hookah Shisha, a unique blend that will lure you right away. Enjoy the sweet, savory union of cookies and banana, a perfected combination that will remind you of a sweet sunday.

OverdozZ 50g Fresh Greens shisha flavours:

Let a bowl of Overdozz Fresh Greens freshen you up. It is not a veggie mix but a cool and rejuvenating mint blend that you cannot afford to miss.

OverdozZ 50g Double Trouble shisha flavours:

Double the flavor, and enjoyment with Overdozz’s most charismatic and emblematic shisha, Double Trouble. It is a delightful concoction of double apple encouraged by the original shisha taste.

OverdozZ 50g Love Bugs shisha flavours:

Overdozz is best-known for providing you some unthinkable concoctions and Love Bug is the most special of all. It combines the flavors of Maracuya fruit and cool mint. Are you ready to smoke a bowl of Love Bug?

OverdozZ 50g Lusidrem shisha flavours:

Don’t be surprised if you start dreaming while enjoying a bowl of Lusidrem. This unusual blend features a rare combination of juicy watermelon and chilling mint. One pull and you will agree how delicious it is.

OverdozZ 50g Zero Gravity shisha flavours:

Nothing can be more epic and tastier than a perfectly balanced blend of tart lemon and refreshing mint. This lemony-minty Overdozz mix is your ticket to the cosmos.

OverdozZ 50g Bad Habit shisha flavours:

Nothing is more satisfying than smoking a bowl of real grape flavor. Beware, it is so juicy and sweet that it is going to be your next Bad Habit in no time.

OverdozZ 50g WIld Night Out shisha flavours:

You will be amazed in no time by Wild Night Out. The Overdozz shisha can flatter anyone with its vibrant lemon cake flavors. The only question is whether you will eat it or smoke it.

OverdozZ 50g Psych Out shisha flavours:

It is time to forget your worries and immerse in the beautiful amalgamation of subtle pineapple juice and strong minty flavors. The blend balances the coolness of minty and juiciness of pineapple wonderfully.

OverdozZ 50g All Nighter shisha flavours:

Overdozz All Nighter is your ticket to the ultimate party of the year. It is a mesmeric meld of worldly flavors that will make you jump off your place in excitement.

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