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Grinder 1142 metal grinder 50mm 4 layers

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Free shipping on all NZ orders over $40.00(except tobacco)
$25 flat rate for AUS orders over $100



Size: (diameter ) 50 mm, 4 layers

Product contain: 1x 4-piece set of pollen mills

Unique herb grinder, this size is more than other grinders. You can grind more spices. The unique wavy design on the sides makes it easy to hold and twist when grinding herbs. Powerful magnets in the grinding lid keep the material fresh and odorless even when inverted, preventing spills. 

The 4-pieces and 3-chambers can grind, store, and filter pollen. The included brush collects all material and reduces waste, making sanding easy and neat. High-Efficiency Grinding The spice grinder includes sharp curved teeth and precisely sized holes. It's easier to chop herbs and spices, improve grinding efficiency, capture ultra-fine pollen through a mesh filter.

Wide Applications Suitable for grinding various soft-shell herbs and spices, such as basil, rosemary, bay leaves, etc. Not suitable for grinding hard-shell spices such as star anise, fennel, black pepper, etc. Easy to carry. You can use it at home, while travelling, or as a gift. Once you find any problem with the product please feel free to contact us, we will resolve your issue as soon as we can.

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