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RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Paper & Tip Kingsize

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Free shipping on all NZ orders over $40.00(except tobacco)
$25 flat rate for AUS orders over $100

Masterfully crafted from unrefined, pure hemp with no added chalk or dyes! RAW Organic Hemp Papers are made using a special pure water method that naturally results a very thin light tan paper that burns extra slow and extra clean.


  • Raw Organic Hemp King-size Slim Papers with Tips are made from Pure Hemp paper and have been organically grown. 
  • They also come with unbleached filter tips. These handy papers and tips are held in the same packet making them very convenient.Raw Organic papers are 100% chlorine free and are unbleached which gives them a natural light brown colour, due to the hybrid blend and unbleached fibres the paper results in a thin golden brown almost translucent smoking paper. 
  • Each paper is individual watermarked with a Crisscross which helps prevent runs and creates a more even burning rolling paper. Due to Hemp Gum being used if the gum does not stick as well as you like run the flame of your lighter along the length of the paper to give you a bit more stickiness. 
  • Once alight the taste is clean, pure and natural. One single pack contains 32 rolling papers.

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