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New Port Butane Refill

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Butane Gas Refill
NEWPORT - Extra Purified Butane Gas 250ml Jet flame lighters need high-quality butane to function effectively. This unique quality is offered by Newport, a champion in the butane since 1953.
MADE IN ENGLAND It also has additional valves to suit any cigar, pipe or cigarette lighter. Packaging: 250ml Keep out of the reach of children When you think of high quality butane, 
what comes to mind? If you answered characteristics like a long lasting burn, safe to use, and butane refill cartridges with a truly universal design, then let's talk about Newport butane from UK-based Keen-Newport. With an unsurpassed history of innovation, by way of example their ground-breaking torch lighter refill canister, Keen-Newport has been setting the standards in the refined butane market for over 50 years.
 Whether you are refilling a cigarette lighter, a culinary torch for crème Brule, or looking for extended life butane for your camp stove, Keen-Newport has all your needs covered
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