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Juicy Double wraps

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Juicy Jays Double Wraps are mouth watering and add a tasty twist to your smoke. Each flavoured blunt has been produced using Juicy Jays Triple Dip Flavour System, making sure that you have the tastiest smoke possible.smoking-kills


What makes Juicy Jays wraps better than all the others?
This is due to the famous triple-dip flavor system that ensures the flavour is dripped on three times and left to soak for over a week, making sure when you are smoking Juicy Jays, each wrap is packed full with flavour.
Each packet contains 2 wraps and are individually sealed in foil packaging to keep them delicious and moist.
Available in the following flavours:

  • Cherry Vanilla
  • Rashberry
  • Trip (Tuttifrutti)
  • Wham Bam (Watermelon)
  • White Grape
  • Double Ductch Choc
  • Peach Media
  • Gapes Gone Wild
  • Black N Blueberry
  • Strawberry Filed
  • Topical  Passion

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