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Brazing Gas Torch

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Butane Gas Torch
portable Stove

Package includes:1pc Flamethrower Suitable for cooking, welding, brazing, pipes, etc. 
Name: Flamethrower
 Material: metal 
Suitable fuel: butane (not included) 
1. Card-type interface, quick installation, convenient to save time and effort, the rotation clamp is installed in place. 
2. The combustion is more complete, the gas is more efficient, and the high temperature resistant material is used
3. Excellent material selection, anti-fall and high temperature, long service life. 
4. The fire-breathing rod and the fire-breathing port are made of the same material, which is not bad for a long time, and is solid and durable. 
5. Knob switch, the size of the firepower can be adjusted by the knob, and the rotation can be ignited by pressing. 
Note:This product does not include the fuel tank in the figure

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