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MAPP Gas torch Multi Purpose 801

  • NZD 20.00
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Free shipping on all NZ orders over $40.00(except tobacco)
$25 flat rate for AUS orders over $100

High quality brazing kit .For use on copper and copper alloy surfaces.Special for MAPP Gas


  • Always follow the safety percussion before using the MAPP torch as it can get very hot and cause serious injury if you are not properly protected.

  • Do not set the torch down without first turning it off. The nozzle continues to stay very hot well after the torch has been turned off.

  • Set the MAPP can upright on a flat surface and turn the valve on the top to open the tank and release gas. Stop turning when you hear the gas seeping out.
  • Flick on the lighter and hold it at the end of the nozzle until the flame ignites. Pull your hand and the lighter away immediately when it ignites.

  • Adjust the movable end of the nozzle by turning it in either direction. This will allow more or less air to flow through and mix with the MAPP gas.
  • Adjust the valve on the top of the can to allow more gas to flow and make the flame hotter. When the flame is blue, it is the hottest.
  • Position the torch next to the pipe joint or object you will be welding. Hold one end of the pipe using the pliers. Move the flame so the tip is barely touching the pipe. Move it around from side to side along the entire diameter of the pipe.
  • Continue welding until the pipe has been sweated on to the other. Turn off nozzle to stop the flame from coming out and wait for the pipes to cool down before touching them.

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