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AL-WAHA Melon Berry

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Free shipping on all NZ orders over $30.00
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AL-WAHA / Melon Berry 50g

The smell for this brand is very potent and the honeydew melon is the most distinctive scent profile with the blueberry notes coming in second. Both are backed up by an ever so slight hint of mint that is noticeable when you inhale but makes way for the melon taste on exhale. The melon in this concoction is sweet and refreshing and the overall all-star to this mixture as its distinct flavor is the last taste you are left with after each hit. The mint is present but not at all overpowering; making Melon Berry a perfect flavor for people who want a mint flavor that isn’t actually all that minty.

Manufactured in Jordan with French tobacco leaves, Al Waha has been producing high quality shisha tobacco for years. Their blonde leaf shisha is easy to pack in any bowl or hookah set up and provides smooth, easy to smoke flavors. Because of the nature of the tobacco, it can easily be mixed with other brands and flavors, so get creative and start mixing!