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AL- FAKHER Shisha Flavours

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 Al Fakher

Founded in 1999, Al-Fakher is a quality-driven waterpipe manufacturer. Today, Al-Fakher has operations in more than 100 countries and has won the trust and loyalty of waterpipe enthusiasts all over the world.


AA signature flavor encompassing the finest 

of cooling agents.

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Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g -Mint 

Mint Al Fakher Shisha presents a perfectly balanced medium-strong mint flavored shisha.This hookah produces a great deal of smoke and lasts a decently long time. While enjoyable on its own, this mint shisha also makes an excellent mixer for other flavors that could use a little mint to their body of flavor.

 cooling agents.


Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g -

Watermelon with Mint

Al Fakher -Watermelon with Mint   is a deliciously fruity, light minty, 
The sweetness of the Watermelon shisha flavor blends perfectly with the always fresh Mint, making a blissful union of rich and well balanced flavor, and some pretty thick smoke. Weather report - minty, with a chance of massive clouds and a downpour of watermelon, it's gonna be awesome.


Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g -Gum with Mint 


Gum with Mint from Al Fakher is a cool spearmint blend that is reminiscent of a stick of spearmint gum. This shisha flavor offers up a unique twist on the standard mint flavor that provides a smooth cooling effect. The delicious spearmint gum flavors also add a level of complexity to your session.


Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g -

Orange with Mint

The Al Fakher Orange Mint Shisha flavor is a refreshing combination of two of classic flavors: Orange and Mint. 
Unlike in many mint-combos - where mint overpowers the second flavor - you will find that the Orange half of the duo is the dominant flavor in this shisha, bringing with it all the zest you could hope for.
The Mint is subtle on the inhale and becomes more prominent on the exhale, giving you that chilling freshness you might experience from chewing mint flavored gum.
This shisha is a well balanced and enjoyable mix from Al Fakher shisha.


Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g - 

 Double Apple Mint

Two Apples with Mint is one of the most traditional hookah flavor on the market. The combined sweetness of red and green apples with the cooling, natural taste of mint is a favorite around the world. Along with the sweetness of the apples, you will also find noticeable undertones of anise (licorice) throughout this shisha  flavor as well. 


Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g -

Two Apple

Compared with ordinary Al Fakher apple hookah, Double Apple provides apple lovers with stronger flavored apples. Traditionally, the double and triple apple flavors focused more on sweetness and less on the fennel (licorice) flavor commonly found in apple-flavored hookahs. 

This increased sweetness can satisfy any sweet cravings and also makes it an excellent hookah, where other flavors can be added to the solid mix.


Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g -

Lemon With Mint 

When life gives you lemons, mix them with mint and use it to make hookah! 
This is what Al Fakher made with their lemon mint hookah, which is the best combination of two Al Fakher hookah flavors in heaven. Both flavors are refreshing and can give smokers a cool sensation when chewing gum. 
These Al Fakher hookah flavors work together to create an extremely smooth and refreshing flavor mixture. Peppermint lemon does not produce thunderclouds, but there is enough smoke for you to enjoy. This amazing taste of Al Fakher will keep you full and smoking within hours.


Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g -

Mint Frost 


Al Fakher Mint Frost Al Fakher shisha  is made in the United Arab Emirates and is one of the more well-known brands .This mid to high-grade has a consistent flavour and is well known for the smoothness of its smoke. We are constantly replenishing our supplies so your shisha will arrive fresh and be tasting great!


Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g -


Al Fakher Cherry Shisha is classic, sweet cherry taste. This multi-talented hookah  smokes well Iranian, Syrian, and Egyptian style. We also find that cherry mixes well with strong apple and light peach flavored shishas.


Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g -


Pineapple Al Fakher Shisha  offers up a mellower pineapple taste. If you think you might enjoy a less-sweet pineapple hookah, this may be worth trying. Pineapple shisha always mixes well with coconut flavors.


Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g - Mango 

Al Fakher Mango took us to the tropics and tasted the sourness of ripe mangoes.

 Mango is a sweet and fruity mixture. The taste is very similar to real mango. It will linger in your mouth for a while after being smoked. Every action of Mango Al Fakher produces really pleasant clouds, where there are also high scores.


Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g -Guava

Guava Al Fakher hookah is a tropical guava hookah full of flavor. 
The bold guava flavor is fruity with woody and earthy base notes. Al Fakher Guava is not too sweet and is a good choice for waterpipe smokers, who prefer waterpipes with a lower sweetness and a stronger flavor.


Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g -

Grape and Mint 

Al Fakher Shisha combines the two best flavors of Al Fakher: green grapes and fresh mint. 
This hookah is well-balanced, which is great in a world where peppermint often overwhelms the unsuspecting and unsuspecting taste. The grapes with mint exude a sweet grape aroma, which stays on the tip of your tongue, while the refreshing mint taste stays on the back of your throat and on your taste buds. The hookah will produce some considerable clouds, enough to satisfy your cloud fans.


Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g -

Watermelon Flavour

Ever been hit in the face by a whole watermelon? Well now you can! Al Fakher Shisha Watermelon Shisha tobacco is a deliciously sweet, best-selling Al Fakher shisha jam packed with flavor. The moment you open the package you are engulfed with a heavy watermelon scent. The candy watermelon flavor of this hookah tobacco is excellent and the smoke is very smooth, producing some pretty big clouds of shisha smoke. The bowls have a tendency to become very sweet over time. The shisha is mostly short cut and is incredibly juicy, giving it that wallop of watermelon flavor!

Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g -

Lemon Flavour

As you would expect, Lemon from Al Fakher tobacco primarily focuses on the sweet citrus flavors of lemons. While this shisha tobacco is primarily sweet, you will also experience a subtle tartness while smoking.

Because this is a single note flavor, it is easily mixed with a vast amount of other hookah tobacco flavors. Seriously, the possibilities are endless. Mix it with a blueberry and a mint to create a delicious blueberry lemonade mixture. You could also try it with some grapefruit and orange for an explosion of citrus. Don't be afraid to get creative with this versatile flavor.

Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g -

Gum Flavour

Gum Al Fakher hookah tobacco is very smooth and easy to smoke; one of my favorite blends from Al Fakher. This light, sweet, and mildly minty shisha tobacco mix is smooth on its own, and is a great flavor to mix with sweet or fruity hookah tobacco flavors.

Al-Fakher shisha Flavor 50g -

Blueberry Flavour


Fresh as a cool mountain morning, Blueberry Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco serves up sweet and simple blueberry flavor and clouds bigger than the Alps. A classic. This is very much a smoker's flavor, a shisha that with a pleasant but not overpowering taste that will create massive clouds. Blueberry Al Fakher is the perfect hookah tobacco for a simple, laid back, drawn out smoke session. Pack a bowl, place your coals, and kick back to a movie or video game. It's a flavor that you'll enjoy with every pull.