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We are a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company whose primary goal it to become the largest discount provider in New Zealand.

The company's firsts store opened in 2010, and since then it has ballooned to 22 discount retail stores across Auckland and Napier. This number is expected to continue to rise in the future, with a planed 25 stores by 2020.

The discount retail group places great importance on the relationship between the company and its communities, and is commited to helping improve the quality of life and happiness of its residents. Although we aim to offer the biggest discounts to our customers, it does not take away from the quality of our services.

The company is also commited to provide extensive customer service experiences and expertise in order to help customers along their shopping journeys, and help find products that best suit customer needs. While the company current only provides retail/in-store services, here are planned expansions in both the online and social media spaces.

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